John Jay OER/Open Pedagogy 2021 Summer Seminar

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The John Jay OER/Open Pedagogy group provides opportunities for discussion, sharing, and support related to the 2021 Summer Seminar. Participants will be able to use the seminar site to find resources, readings, recordings, and assignments while using the group to conduct related discussions, share additional materials, and work together on completing assignments.

Group A: Veroni Antoniadis, Esther Kreider-Verhalle, Robert Freeman, Brian Maule, Juliana Valente, Maria Volpe
Group B: Ryan Bazinet, Kaitlin Comet, Sami Disu, Sofia Grandakovska, Nicholas Rodrigo, Raul Zamudio, Ariany Polo
Group C: Daniel DiPrenda, Filloreta Gashi, Melissa McShea, Aniko Szucs, Hermann Walz
Group D: Valerie Allen, Joyce Lau, Amy Lawless, Sanjana Nair, Brooke Nielson, Obinwanne Nwizu, Todd Stambaugh, David Wills

John Jay OER/Open Pedagogy 2021 Summer Seminar

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