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This is a group dedicated to the John Jay College UAV project.


SIGINT a.k.a Signals Intelligence & Real Time Surveillance

  • My name is Sohil Shah. I am a MS student in the Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Program at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

    I am interested in SIGINT. I want to build a passive and active surveillance system fully contained within the UAV to collect real time data with the objective to provide actionable intelligence to law enforcement. I will primarily be focusing on 2 communication standards, 802.11 and GSM.

    Some of the Goals are
    1) Wi-Fi Direction Finding
    2) GSM Direction Finding
    3) Communication interception over GSM to extract voice and text data streams from over the air GSM transmissions.
    4) Communication interception and the application of real time MITM methods to collect and disseminate data over 802.11
    5) Honeypot base stations based on both 802.11 and GSM.
    6) Real time video feed based on wireless signal vectors.

    I bring to the table 6 years of Digital Forensic and Cyber Security experience. I also bring a passion for Software Defined Radio and Surveillance based technologies to the project. We may not achieve all our stated goals or we may end up doing something completely different but the stated goals are a good place to start as it gives us a concrete list of requirement to consider in the design stage of the UAV project.

    I am looking for students with the following skills to join the team
    1) Software Defined Radio experience.
    2) SIGINT experience.
    3) Any kind of surveillance/ counter-surveillance experience.
    4) GSM and Wi-Fi engineering experience.
    5) Hacker mindset a.k.a problem solvers.
    6) Legal experts or ability to research laws.
    7) HAM Radio operators (I am planning on getting my HAM license this summer, you too should consider getting yours if you want to be more actively involved in the Radio part of the project.
    8) Coders.
    9) Even if you don’t think you meet the above skill sets you have the will to learn on the fly.
    10) Believe in creating things that seem like pure magic to the masses.
    11) Share the belief that, ‘Nothing is Impossible, you must never underestimate the potential of the human spirit’

    Enough talk, if you are interested please leave a reply in the comments section.

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