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Go to the thread for your group under the “forum” option for you to work with your group members.

I hope that you’re all well!

Some FAQ on the reading groups and this forum:
Each week you will do the readings and videos, and group will do a group present, and then I will teach and dialogue with you all about all of the readings and films. I hope that helps!

In terms of doing your own presentation, I wouldn’t even start it until the Friday before your class. Because each unit builds on one another, you will learn about organizing models, tactics, strategy, etc., that you will be able to integrate into your conversation– which of these are being utilized, etc. And this also gives you time to focus on the reading group presentation for the week, without feeling like you have to work on it all semester up until when you have it.. I would connect with your peers now, though, through the forum. And then also, check in the week prior to plan a date for you all to zoom call on the week that your presentation is due to split responsibilities up, etc. (everyone must do all readings and films, though, and to also go through a dry run to make sure that you’re within time.

I am inviting everyone to this working group for reading groups working groups to be able to work together off of email, I know that all of the emails can be inundating.

So go to your topic thread and that’s a place for you to have a working group with your group members. I did this to make it easier for you all to get in contact with one another, and you all should be added to this group, so getting in contact with one another wont be so challenging.

Once you go to the form, you can turn off the other forum topics, and just get notifications from yours.

I hope this help!


– j

Intro to CO- Reading Group Presentation

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