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Fwd: Fw: PostgreSQL experts?

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    Hi All,

    Please see the message from Steve Romalewski below and get in touch with
    him if you have any leads. Thank you!



    *From:* Steven Romalewski <sromalewski@gc.cuny.edu>
    *Sent:* Monday, April 17, 2023 5:00 PM
    *To:* Matthew Gold <MGold@gc.cuny.edu>
    *Subject:* PostgreSQL experts?

    Hi Matt,

    Do you know offhand if any of the Digital Humanities students, professors,
    etc are familiar with PostgreSQL (the open source relational database
    software)? I did a search at the GC website and only came up with
    references to our own CUR websites (and we’re hardly the experts!). I also
    searched at the CUNY Academic Commons and found a bunch of references, but
    they’re all several years old.

    Or, beyond the GC, are there other CUNY resources you might be familiar

    Thanks for any insights or suggestions!



    Steven Romalewski

    Director, CUNY Mapping Service

    Center for Urban Research at The Graduate Center / CUNY

    365 Fifth Ave., Room 6202

    New York, NY 10016

    TEMPORARY PHONE: 917-975-3794

    Office phone: 212-817-2033






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