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GC Impact Project

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Meeting with Manu 12 Nov 14

Matt, Manu, Keith, Michelle

Overall to increase awareness and visibility of the GC

Content is still in development:

Thinking of page before dissertations that is a page of callouts that illustrates how powerful GC students’ dissertations have been on public issues and topics. Snapshot case studies, then go to the ESB. To illustrate this, may look for student’s face or thumbnail of the project. 3 lines of text, multiple togetehr

Overview of the moodboards: Can incorporate the colors to show the continuity, lead image then with content and ideas, often people outside of NYC are obsessed with the trains, incorporate some humor, the colors as in tying it all together.

Thinking about how those rectangle sites are connected more, with this site, could give that feel of connection throughout.

Have images of the building, but not many others. Do have a little bit of a budget to get some good photography done specifically for this project.

Need to keep this as clean as possible, an option is to play with shapes and colors to create a sense of flow (avoiding the centered image on a page). Cannot say artsy, but can connote creativity.