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RUG is back! (Fri 9/24)

  • Hi,

    I hope everyone is doing well! The schedule for this semester is the same as last semester, with meetings from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm every other Friday. See the GCDI events calendar for all of our scheduled meetings. Moreover, you can join our RUG Slack Channel to find out more resources.

    This year we will continue the format of pairing our usual general discussion about personal R problems and discussion points with a small tutorial or discussion about a topic folks are interested in works.

    So, this first meeting will be to get to know each other and decide what we want to cover this semester. Moreover, we will walk through the installation of R and RStudio if any new member is joining and want to get started with R. Come with your own ideas, but a few broad topics that I’m considering are:

    • Data wrangling & visualization in R
    • Data analysis in R (e.g., survey data/experimental data analysis)
    • Predictive modeling in R

    I’m looking forward to seeing everybody! The zoom link is below.


    Yuxiao & Rilquer

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