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Google Mock Interviews

  • Hi all…

    Consider participating in the Google Mock Interviews. This is an opportunity to practice interviewing for technology positions and to get feedback from Google hiring staff. See the information below from Jenny Furlong… Best, Lisa

    Mock Interview Session with Google

    Date & Time<br aria-hidden=”true” />Wednesday, March 29, 2023<br aria-hidden=”true” />1:00 pm – 4:00 pm ET

    Location<br aria-hidden=”true” />CUNY Graduate Center


    This event will give students an opportunity to participate in mock interviews with current Googlers, gaining interview practice and feedback from representatives with insight into the hiring process, needs, and company culture of Google.

    Students will be able to sign up for mock interview slots with current Google employees. Interview slots will be 25 minutes long, with 20 minutes for a practice interview and around 5 minutes for feedback from the interviewer. Available interview types will be technical interviews and professional fit interviews. Students will be able to sign up using Handshake, the Office of Career Planning and Professional Development’s job search engine and event registration platform.

    Sign-ups will open on Wednesday, March 15. To sign up, submit your resume to job number 7629067 Resume Submission and Interview Sign-Up — Mock Interview Event with Google. Once you’ve submitted your resume, you’ll be able to sign up for an interview slot. After you’ve signed up, you will receive additional instructions about how to prepare for the event.

    If you haven’t already used Handshake, The Office of Career Planning and Professional Development has detailed instructions. Due to the limited number of interview slots for this event, we recommend making sure you can log into Handshake prior to the sign-up opening date if this is your first time using the system.

    Register to Participate

    To attend this virtual session, please apply and sign up for an interview at Handshake.

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  • Thanks a ton Lisa! I’ll definitely take advantage of this- just submitted an application for a Google internship, so this will be good practice if I get an interview.

    I hope everything is going well! I just finished training to be certified as a Software Carpentries Curriculum Developer- my experience from the Digital Fellows was ringing in my ears the whole time. I miss y’all!


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