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Announcing Carnegie Educational Technology Fellows Workshops, Spring 2021

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    We’re pleased to announce the workshops below from the Carnegie Educational Technology Fellows.

    To learn more about support for online teaching at the Graduate Center, visit GC Online at http://cuny.is/gconline.

    Luke and Matt

    Luke Waltzer, Ph.D.
    Director, The Teaching and Learning Center
    The Graduate Center, CUNY
    365 Fifth Avenue, Room 3300.19
    New York, NY 10016

    Matthew K. Gold, Ph.D.
    Director, M.A. Program in Digital Humanities & M.S. Program in Data Analysis and Visualization /
    Associate Professor of English & Digital Humanities /
    Advisor to the Provost for Digital Initiatives, CUNY Graduate Center
    http://cuny.is/mkgold | @mkgold
    pronouns: he/him/his

    Carnegie Educational Technology Fellows 

    Spring 2021 Workshop Schedule

    Top 5 Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Class Videos

    March 5th (11:00am-12:30pm)

    with Mike Mena

    Description: Creating a video lecture is a complicated task, but the video production basics remain the same—and, they are pretty simple! Facilitator Mike Mena has assembled a “Top 5 Tips & Tricks” list to give your videos a boost in quality. Attendees will leave knowing what to prioritize in terms of audio/video quality. Mike will also recommend an excellent “budget” microphone.

    Register for the workshop here

    Whiteboard Solutions for the Digital Classroom

    March 15th (2:00-3:00 pm)

    with Jason Block and John Zayac

    Description: We will discuss many different methods for doing what would normally be done on a classroom chalkboard. We will describe in detail the best way to carry out each method, as well as both necessary and optional software/hardware needed for each method. The methods discussed will range from low tech (filming yourself at a physical whiteboard, filming a piece of paper as you write on it, using a zoom/blackboard digital white board) to higher tech (using collaborative digital whiteboards, using an infinite space whiteboard, using a wacom).

    Register for the workshop here

    Digital Ethnography Series Introduction to Digital Ethnography

    March 10th (12:00-1:00pm)

    with Agustina Checa and Miryam Nacimento

    Description: The workshop will provide an overview of the theoretical foundations, methods, and debates of both applying ethnographic methods in online worlds and using digital tools to complement traditional ethnographic research. The workshop is also meant to provide attendants with strategies for conducting remote research as an alternative for traditional fieldwork which may be impacted by  COVID-19-related restrictions.

    Register for the workshop here

    Digital Ethnography: Practices and Methods

    March 25th (12:30-1:30pm)

    with Agustina Checa and Miryam Nacimento

    Description: This workshop builds from the theoretical considerations explored in the first workshop of the Digital Ethnography series. It provides an overview of practices and digital tools for retrieving different sets of data from online social worlds and explores more pragmatic considerations such as how to store this information and how to incorporate practices of digital ethnography into IRB protocols. Participants will learn from the projects of researchers at the GC who are applying practices of social media scraping and digital ethnography in their work.

    Register for the workshop here

    Web Scraping with Python (bs4) (in collaboration with the GC Digital Initiatives)

    April 19th (12:00-1:00pm)

    with Filipa Calado from GC Digital Initiatives

    This workshop explores a Python library that allows users to work with and analyze web-based data. The Beautiful Soup (bs4) Python library enables users to pull data out of web pages made of HTML and XML. They can then use bs4 to search, categorize, and structure HTML and XML documents. Bs4 is relatively lightweight and easy to get up and running, and we will practice scraping popular websites like the New York Times. Though bs4 offers a beginner-friendly approach to web scraping, some basic familiarity with Python and HTML is highly encouraged. NOTE: This workshop is also included as part of GC Digital Initiatives Workshops.

    Register for the workshop here

    Accessible Practices Across Platforms SeriesAccessible Online Learning Workshop, Part I (Synchronous Spaces)

    March 12th (11:00 am-12:15 pm)

    with Zahra Khalid and Seth Graves

    Description: In Part I of this two-part workshop on fostering accessible and inclusive teaching in online contexts, we will discuss strategies for fostering inclusivity and accessible engagement in synchronous spaces (such as Zoom), using active learning techniques.

    Register for the workshop here

    Accessible Online Learning Workshop, Part II (Asynchronous Spaces)

    March 19th (11:00am-12:15pm)

    with Francisco Medina and Mike Mena

    Description: In Part II of this two-part workshop on fostering accessible and inclusive teaching in online contexts, we will discuss strategies for asynchronous spaces such as course reading and writing platforms, websites, discussion boards, chat platforms, and recorded materials.

    Register for the workshop here


    For more about the Carnegie Educational Technology Fellows

    For more information on our support services

    For any other questions, please contact: Stephanie Love, Program Coordinator: slove@gradcenter.cuny.edu

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