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GC Composition & Rhetoric Community (GCCRC)

The Graduate Center Composition and Rhetoric Community (GCCRC), a DSC-chartered organization, is comprised of a diverse group of students and faculty interested in not only what texts say, but how they say it, and how they come to say it – in short, how they are composed. This interdisciplinary group has been of particular interest to those who are teaching while pursuing their degrees because of our commitment to exploring writing-centered pedagogies, offering a support network for new and continuing graduate student instructors and hands-on training sessions for anyone interested. The GCCRC aims to foster discussions of writing studies and composition theory alongside our own local classroom experiences; these important connections between theory and practice regularly develop into extended discussions that group members have presented at national conferences.

Find out more on the Commons wiki, or see what we’ve been reading on Zotero.

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Help the GCCRC: Sign our roster!

  • Dearest GCCRC members,

    Our funding and status at the GC is contingent on one small task: getting 23 signatures on the DSC roster. Therefore, we ask you to please take the time to follow these easy steps and secure our status as a DSC chartered organization for another year!

    For Fall 2012, chartered organizations must also fill a membership
    roster with the digital signatures of at least 23 students. (information on
    how this number is calculated can be found here:

    Detailed instruction on signing rosters:

    1. Log in to the DSC website (—note: you will need to register
    with the site if you are not already a member)

    2. Hover over the tab on the right labeled “Chartered Organizations” and
    click the link labeled “Join/Sign Rosters”

    3. Click on the name of the organization you are interested in joining

    4. Click the link that says “JOIN THIS ORGANIZATION”

    Thank you all so much!

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