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My forthcoming game book

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    Ethan Ham

    I just wanted to share that I have a book coming out in March from Focal Press. It’s called Tabletop Game Design for Video Game Designers. It’s intended as a textbook for introducing college students to game design & development. The publisher isn’t taking orders for examination copies yet, but I’ll let everyone know when they are. The book’s companion website is There isn’t much on it currently, but it will be rapidly filling with content over the next few months.


    Thank you for the notice Ethan!



    If you get a spare copy, can we use and review it? Also, do you know if there will be a Kindle version. I will be launching a “games for behavioral/social change” course in Fall 2015. There will be an emphasis in coding, but I’m looking for alternatives to Tracy Fullerton’s book to acquaint students with board games and prototyping.


    Ethan Ham


    I’d be happy to get a copy to you–it should be sometime in March. I’ll put you on my “needs a copy” list, but feel free to give me a reminder email ( when it gets closer to the book’s launch.

    I like Game Design Workshop (Fullerton’s book), but I think it is a bit misnamed. I see it as being more about producing games than designing them. It gives a nice overview of the development process, but doesn’t really dive very deeply into the nuts & bolts of game design.

    In contrast, Tabletop Game Design for Video Game Designers is very much focused on helping its readers learn how to actually design games (but it doesn’t give a soup-to-nuts view of the video game development process).


    That’s great. I have used Tracy’s book and been very happy with it, but you are correct. It’s rooted in theory and less in practice. I’m eager to develop a curriculum for a digital game design course for behavioral sciences so, looking forward to the book!


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