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Fwd: Presentation on Game Project / Game tools from teaching at Baruch

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    Hi All,

    This may be of particular interest to folks who may be caring for small
    children during the pandemic. Baruch/GC faculty member Katherine Behar
    writes that “it’s is a fascinating digital project that Dan Lichtman
    developed using tools he created for teaching a course on art games at
    Baruch. For that reason I was thinking it might also be of interest for
    digital pedagogy.”



    Begin forwarded message:

    *From: *Daniel Lichtman <>
    *Subject: **Re: Presentation on Game Project / Game tools from teaching at
    *Date: *February 25, 2021 at 3:43:57 PM EST
    *To: *Katherine Behar <>

    Hi Katherine,
    Here is an invitation to contribute to this project. It would be great if
    you can circulate it to whomever you think might be interested!

    Dear Baruch FPA Faculty,

    I’m Daniel Lichtman, Adjunct Professor teaching New Media Art classes at
    Baruch. I’m reaching out to invite you to make a (quick!) contribution to a
    video game project I’m working on about caring for young children during
    the pandemic. The game, called The Raisin Truck Makes Raisins, draws on
    sketches, drawings, paintings, photographs, sound recordings and other
    ephemera contributed by care-takers from a variety of family, living and
    employment situations, as well their children. Through open-ended gameplay
    in a series of abstract game environments, the project aims to reflect on a
    range of experiences with childcare-in-isolation: busy, beautiful,
    frustrating and chaotic, and marked by vulnerability, aggravation and
    resilience. This project is based on game development tools that I created
    for NMA 3022: Art Games and Virtual Worlds.

    Contributions can be fun and informal—I suggest spending up to 5 minutes
    gathering and emailing materials. I am looking for any of the following:
    photos of sketches, drawings or paintings created by care-taker or child;
    sound recordings; photographs; and/or short video clips. I’m interested in
    associations and feelings related to childcare rather than images of
    children—images can be abstract. I appreciate the personal nature of this
    request and I am happy to credit your contribution, or keep it anonymous.

    I am also looking for collaborators who would like to compose their own
    scenes for this game. This does not require a technical background, but
    would involve learning some basic virtual scene design skills! If this is
    of interest to you, I would be glad to discuss further.

    Thank you for reading, and thank you in advance for any contribution or
    involvement in this project!

    Best wishes,
    Daniel Lichtman

    Game development images/video attached below. More info at


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