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Response to Question from Gina Foster at Lehman about CUNY IT Conference Presentation

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    Hi Gina —

    Thanks so much for your kind words. Hope you will share more about your presentation on the public ePortfolio group blog space . This is an item we had planned to share. When you get to the group page, click on the blog. We have been using this blog to share information about conferences. Perhaps you could post a short write-up about the NEFDC Conference. Howard Wach, Joe Ugoretz, Sarah Morgano, and I did a number of write-ups from the Boston AAEEBL Conference. I’m also hoping Michael Smith will provide a brief write-up from his session yesterday.

    Howard and Joe have been amazing colleagues — and so has Sarah. I have had many opportunities to see their work, which has been a source of inspiration for so many people who want to learn about ePortfolios. Just hope that folks who are interested will look at their contributions through the links on the ePortfolio Wiki we were showing during the session. Both Howard and Joe have been incredibly generous with their time and talent in the creation of the new wiki for the occasion of the CUNY IT Conference, ePortfolios at CUNY: Aggregating and Integrating Information. Howard, in addition to all the other things he is doing, created the Faculty Development page, which is a live link for one of the “universal concerns.” He was getting ready to show the Faculty Resource page, when he was so rudely interrupted. We did show it briefly during the Q & A while Howard was speaking using “zoom in” feature. But this is material that is intended to be explored and digested.

    Thanks again for taking the time to write. It provides an opportunity to expand on the presentation and invite your contributions to the wikis and blogs. Enjoy the weekend.


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