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This group is a space for faculty and students in the PhD Program in English to discuss matters like faculty appointments and curriculum.


AY2015-16 courses

  • Hi all —

    Here’s a space for us to start gathering/discussing ideas for courses for the coming academic year.

    For your reference, I’ve uploaded the “New Curriculum” document that Mario circulated under the Files tab for this group. Below, I’ve copied/pasted is what is effectively the second half of the course listings on that document, which strike me as rubrics under which Americanist work might fall.

    Perhaps we might start with some broad based imagining and then see if we can produce a sense of common thrulines we would like to see shaping Americanist conversations in the years to go?

    Speaking not as the group convener but just me, I was thinking of offering a course that would allow engagement with the discourses on settler colonialism that are so strongly present in American cultural studies these days. I’m thinking also of a course that might be organized around the problematics of U.S. ethnic literary studies in the post-identity era.

    Okay, so, let’s see if this virtual forum works to sustain discussion — and if not, we’ll figure out other means.

    Thanks, everyone —

    American Literature
    75000 American Literature to 1865
    75100 American Literature after 1865
    85000 Studies in Early American Literature
    85100 Studies in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
    85200 Studies in Twentieth-Century American Literature
    85300 Studies in Asian American Literature
    85400 Studies in Latino/a Literature
    85410 Comparative Studies in American Literature

    African American Literature
    75500 African American Literature
    85500 Studies in African American and Africana Literature and Culture
    85600 Studies in African American Literature through 1900
    85700 Studies in Twentieth-Century African American Literature
    85800 Studies in Contemporary African American Literature

    Twentieth-Century and Twenty-First-Century Literature
    76000 Modernisms
    76100 Literature after 1945
    76300 Postmodernisms
    86000 Studies in Twentieth-Century Literature
    86100 Studies in the Twentieth-Century Novel
    86200 Studies in Twentieth-Century Poetry
    86400 Studies in Contemporary Literature

    Postcolonial, Transnational, and Global Literature and Theory
    76200 Postcolonial Literature and Theory
    86500 Studies in Postcolonial Literature
    86600 Studies in Postcolonial Theory
    86700 Studies in Transnational Literature
    86800 Studies in Global Literature

    Genre Courses
    87000 Studies in Narrative
    87100 Studies in the Novel
    87200 Studies in Poetry
    87300 Studies in Performance
    87400 Studies in Visual Media
    87500 Studies in Biography and Autobiography

    Literature, Gender, and Sexuality
    78000 Women’s Writing
    78100 Literature, Gender, and Sexuality
    88000 Studies in Women’s Writing
    88100 Studies in Literature, Gender, and Sexuality
    88200 Studies in Queer Literature

    Composition and Rhetoric
    79000 The Teaching of College Writing: Practicum
    79010 Rhetorical and Critical Theory
    79020 Composing: Theories and Practices
    89000 Studies in Research Methods: Principles and Practices
    89010 Studies in Pedagogy and Social Context
    89020 Studies in Technology, Literacy, and Pedagogy

    Literary and Cultural Theory
    70100 Theory Colloquium
    80200 Studies in Poetics and Aesthetics
    80300 Studies in African American Literary Theory
    80400 Studies in Queer Theory
    80500 Studies in Feminist and Gender Theory
    80600 Studies in Theory
    89500 Studies in the History of the Book and Other Media

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