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    Mellanie Lopez


    My name is Lopez, Mellanie and I would like to share something short and simple about my name. To begin with, I like my name I see the creativity my parents had in mind when they decided to name me. why so? well, I think that because who adds two L’s to Mellanie. usually the name Mellanie is spelled as “Melany, and/or as Melanie. I think that my parents named me Mellanie because it sounds smooth and just sweet. My name so interesting to speak about because it is just funny to find out that if you search up “Mellanie” you wont find a meaning because of the way it is spelled but hey that gives me the opportunity to go ahead and create the definition that I desire. sometimes its frustrating having my name because when I type (like right now) I always have to go back and fix my name because the computers would auto correct it to Melanie” but, over all i enjoy the name that I have.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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