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English 201-1315/3012

Professor Perry’s English 201 class sections 1315 and 3012, Spring 2019



  • Hello Everyone!

    My name is Olga. I’m form Ukraine. I’m married and have 7 years old son. I have been in NYC for 4 years. This is my second semester at BMCC.

    I got my first education in my country as a winemaker and worked at the wine company for many years. First years when we moved to NYC I studied English and then I decided to change my major and become a nurse. Most of all I’m proud of myself that I started college here. My English wasn’t perfect at that time and I needed A Grade for all subjects that I took. And I did it, I got all A for all my subjects. I hope to continue to do the same result in this semester.

    I love to study philosophy of life and how everything exist around us. I’m passionate about creating natural household goods and essential oils blends. I even started my company here with all products that I created ( but I stopped doing it for now because of my study. It is so hard for me to do business and study at the same time. I prioritize my study first.

    Good luck to all in your classes!!!

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