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English 201-1315/3012

Professor Perry’s English 201 class sections 1315 and 3012, Spring 2019



  • My name is Abigaëlle Emmanulla Jasmin. Abigaëlle is pronounced a·buh·geil ( i think ), depending on how you’re pronouncing it whether its a french pronunciation or an American pronunciation.  The accent on the first e is called a dieresis. The dieresis on the e indicates that the vowel is pronounced in a separate syllable. My mom found this name in the french bible and thought this was the perfect name for me, but I find it funny how she calls me Abigail rather then Abigaëlle the name she gave me. Having my full name for 19 years brought so many embarrassments, my name has been often pronounced wrongly by people. They often made fun out of the fact that I have two first names. To keep it short, as time went on I came to acceptance with it because  I’m not one of the many Jennifer’s or John’s in the world.

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