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Submerged marine festival (wildlife)

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    Tun Tun Win

    I am very interesting about the Eel project in the Hudson River. I saw that young volunteers students are involved in this project and I noticed that the Hudson River is a wonderful esturay. It is where must of the water shed of Eastern New York. Drain down and eventually meets the ocean and this provide the wonderful interplay of animals that move back and forth between fresh and salt water. That includes the American Eel. There are many small Eels catch by nets and took the data. Young  volunteers got the good experience to touch the small Eels and they are very interesting about the Eel project. This was my first time to see the small Eels living in the Hudson River and I knew about that the Eels came from some where between Bermuda and Puerto Rico. And then spend the first year of their life travelling to costel estuaries like the Hudson.

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