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Submerged marine festival (Billion Oyster Project)

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    david xie

    The Submerged marine festival let me know about the Billion Oyster Project that they are currently working on. I personally really liked this project, this main purpose of this project is to restore oyster reefs to New York communities. And this plan involved the help of over 6000 students, and they restored over 45 million of oyster in Nyc. Restoring oyster reef can provides habitat for hundreds of species in the ocean, also it can protect the city from ocean damages, such as reducing floods. Overall I liked this project because this project involves the communities to restore oyster together, and this fun process also provides protection for the city.


    I found the Billion Oysters project to be very interesting. It got me to wonder. I know that the oysters are probably not meant for human consumption but is there any way we could creates a self-sufficient NYC seafood industry that utilizes the community to create a carbon neutral food industry around NYC.

    Juliana Salvador

    I really liked this project too. I didn’t know oysters were so important to NYC waters. What I found really interesting that the oysters have the ability to clean the water they are living in. It was nice to learn more about this project because recently in Long Island old train cars were dumped off the coast in order to create an artificial reef.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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