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Submerge Marine Festival (Micro Plastic)

  • Sorry for the late post guys, had some issues accessing my academic commons, but to get right into it, MICRO PLASTICS!!!

    It just hits different when you realize how much small pieces of plastic affects everything throughout the food chain from aquatic organisms all the way up to even humans. What was equally shocking to me was the FACT that WE as a people can reduce and even ultimately eradicate this cancerous pollutant destroying our beautiful planet. After turning in to the “Plastic Pollution (1-2pm), it became apparent that there are ways to getting rid of micro plastic already in the water columnĀ  or already settled down; however tackling issues such as micro plastic pollution from different angles will be most effective. Just getting into it briefly would be to try eliminate larger pollutants such as water bottles and Styrofoam before they have enough time to be weathered and broken down by salts into micro plastics.

    Interesting Fact: Due to the pandemic, masks and gloves pollution in the ocean is growing so fast that some are saying if it continues we will have more masks than jellyfish in the near future!

    I look forward to working with you all and learning from other groups tackling equally important issues at hand.

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