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Plate techtonics video

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    Juvincio Compaore

    The explanation of the asthenosphere convection was extremely helpful in a sense that it allows to better understand the concept of tectonic plates.

    The divergent plate boundary gives us an idea of the current earth geometry. The fact that the continental crust is the least dense material on the planet does not allow the crust to potential subduction.

    The location of the major earthquakes allows to identify the location of the plates boundaries as most earthquakes happen at plates boundaries. The idea that earthquakes are also expected even at a divergent plate boundary was new to me as I was only considering earthquakes at only convergent plate boundaries.

    The study of the global plate tectonic has revealed useful information as far as the rate of the sea floor spreading. It leads to the following questions:

    What are the technics used to measure the rate of sea floor spreading?

    what can potentially impact the accuracy of the measurements?

    Alberto Sanchez

    Due to the sea trenches and the effects of the convection underneath the tectonic plates. If the plates already moved before in the past would there ever be a way to predict the next major shift in the crust?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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