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EAS 10600 #M Group F

Hi Students from EAS 106 #M, this is Group F. You will be discussing here for the rest of the semester!


Lab 1: Introductions Discussion

  • Welcome to EAS 106: Fundamentals of Earth System Science! 

    Before we get started with the course it’s important to get to know the members of your lab group. You will create your post in the CUNY Academic Commons group to which you were invited by your lab instructor.

    For your introductory post, please provide the following information:

    1. Tell us your name, pronouns, and, if you have a nickname, let us know what you like to go by.
    2. Tell us what your major is, or what areas of study you are interested in pursuing.
    3. If you feel comfortable, tell us a little about where you are from and any hobbies that you enjoy.
    4. Tell us what you hope to get out of this class and how you hope it will help you in your future college courses.
    5. Share a photo or description of a geologic, hydrologic, or atmospheric feature, process, or environment that interests you. Tell us what you would like to learn about the topic you have chosen.

    Once you have created your post, respond to at least two of your classmates in your group. See if there are others who have the same interests as you or who have posted something that you find interesting. Let’s all talk a little as we get started!

    A word about Etiquette: 

    When posting replies, please be considerate of your peers. The discussion is intended to promote a collaborative learning environment, so be careful of your tone and refrain from inappropriate language or personal attacks. You may challenge others if the intent is to facilitate growth, but do not demand, harass, or embarrass. Encourage others to develop and share their ideas.

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  • My name is Windsor Sippel, you can call me Windsor. My major is Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (Geology), and I am planning to use this degree to move forward in getting a graduate degree in a related field. I am from NY, I enjoy being outdoors, hiking, and exercise in general, as well as reading and spending time with family and friends.

    As far as a geologic feature I enjoy I would have to say mountains, as I said I enjoy hiking often and have come to have quite a bit of appreciation for them. I think it would be extremely interesting to understand more in depth through which geologic processes they are formed.

    1. Natalia Nieto-Wire, she/her/hers
    2. Mechanical Engineering, pursuing a career in carbon neutral aviation 🙂
    3. From NYC
    4. Here to learn more about Earth processes to understand environmental issues better.
    5. want to learn more about the science around climate change.


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    1. Hello, my name is Maria Centeno and I go by Maria.
    2. I am currently a mechanical engineering major and I want to concentrate on either aerospace or the biomedical field.
    3. I was born in the U.S but my parents are Ecuadorian and I like to watch movies, go out with my friends, go shopping and I love going on vacation.
    4. As for this class, I hope I learn more about the environment and Earth’s resources because I honestly lack knowledge on the topic.
    5. I would also like to learn more about bioluminescent beaches because I find them beautiful and I would like to know what exactly makes this water glow.

    Hiking is so nice. At Watkins Glen State park they give walking tours and explain how the gorges were formed, super interesting history.

    I also enjoy being outdoors and surrounded by nature it’s just so peaceful and its nice to get away from all the madness that goes on in the city.

    Natalia I think it is fantastic that you are going to pursue a career in carbon neutral aviation, I personally believe that will become an even more important field in the coming years. Also that is a great meme, learning about climate change is something I look forward to as well!

    Yay another Latina ME 🙂 Bioluminescent beaches are so pretty! Have you ever seen one in person?

    1. My name is Tajria Afrin and my pronouns are she/her.
    2. I am majoring in mechanical engineering.
    3. I am from Brooklyn and I enjoy painting.
    4. I hope to get a better understanding of this planet so I am more aware of the problems on this Earth. I hope this course will help me with my future classes by giving me insight on how to design Earth friendly and energy efficient machines.
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    Maria I too find the bioluminescent beaches incredible, I don’t know much about them but I think it would be super interesting to understand it more deeply.

    Hi everyone!!! I am Afrina Jareen. I am a freshman (transfer) at city college. So, this is my first at city college. But, I attended Lehman college for the fall semester. I transferred to city college because I am planning to major in architecture. I was born in Bangladesh and I came to NYC 6 years ago. I actually love doing photography and I also love reading books. I look forward to learning more about the earth.

    I love your meme lmaoo, and I find the point of carbon neutral aviation very interesting and in fact the aviation industry has been aiming to reduce its carbon emissions so lets see how much better it can get.

    Hey, it’s great to find more females in engineering as it is a male dominated field. I think it’s awesome that you know where exactly you want to specialize in and I believe learning about environmental issues from this class will help you in your career in carbon neutral aviation. I too am looking forward to leaning more about the Earth’s processes and environmental issues.

    Hi Tajri. Yeah I am also hoping to learn more about the earth and the problems on this earth. I hope after this class we are also able educate people about the issues that is going on the earth.

    Hey, I’m also very eager to learn about geologic processes and how they are formed. As for getting forward with your graduate degree, I wish you the best with graduate applications!

    Hiking sounds really fun. I think its really sweet how you mentioned that you like spending time with your family and friends. I think its really important to spend time with our family and friends.

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