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DVG – Data Visualization Group

Data Visualization Group (i.e., DVG) is a place for students, faculty, and staff who are interested in sharing topics, theories, methods, and techniques related to data visualization. Data visualization is a graphical representation of data. Done well, visual elements such as charts, graphs, and maps are just a few data visualization tools that can provide viewers an accessible way of understanding the represented information. In a world increasingly governed by Big Data, data visualization can assist decision-makers in their analyses.
In this working group, members are encouraged to discuss and share theories, methods, and projects that include but are not limited to data preprocessing, data explanation, data exploration, theories of data visualization, real-world examples, and ongoing work. We will explore the fundamentals of data visualization including design principles, best practices, dashboards, visualization tools, ethics, and more.
This is a new working group, and topics will be based on participation and interest. Virtual meetings are free, open to all GC Community members of all skill levels, disciplines, and backgrounds.


RUG Meeting Fri (Dec 3rd) 1:30 pm – 3 pm

  • Hi,

    Our bi-weekly online Zoom meeting is back this Friday (Dec 3rd) 1:30 pm – 3 pm. I uploaded an intro tutorial about R Markdown last week in the Github repo. We can briefly discuss it this week. Moreover, we can talk about text analysis using dplyr, stringr, and quanteda this time. Join us in the Slack space by clicking the link here.

    I will also encourage you to talk about your project related to R or introduce any package or workflow you would probably use and learn in R.

    See you soon~


    Zoom meeting link:



    Yuxiao & Rilquer

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