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Scott Dexter is looking for a good grad student to hire

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    Leila Walker

    Steve passed along this request for a grad student to help with an NSF grant project:

    Hi, Steve —

    I can’t remember if I mentioned this to you when we talked, but I have an NSF grant, in collaboration with a cognitive psychologist at Brooklyn, to study creativity and aesthetics in programming. We have a couple psych grad students working with us, but I’d love to hire a grad student (say, starting in the Spring) with more of an interest in technology (and, ideally, some basic proficiency in programming).

    As you might imagine, I’m not super-excited about the prospect of hiring a CS PhD student for this project. But it occurred to me that possibly the ITP Certificate Program might be a sort of pool of grad students who could be a good fit. (I also have a personal interest in doing some more abstruse theoretical work on code and what it means, so my fantasy is a grad student in, say, English, who also is interested in technology, who could both work on the grant-funded project and help me develop some theoretical notions.)

    Is there any viability to this idea of mine?


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