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David Harvey, "The Future of the Commons" (121.9k)   Uploaded by Steve Brier on 1/5/2011

from Winter 2011 issue of Radical History Review, pp. 101-07.

Notes from Eben Moglen Talk 11-17-2010 (55k)   Uploaded by Charlie Edwards on 11/21/2010

Here are notes from the Moglen talk on Wednesday, for those who couldn’t make it. He was pretty incredible – Matt’s term: “a human tsunami” – fluid, aphoristic, ad-libbing perfectly formed paragraphs. The speech turned on a killer argument, as you’ll see...

Reading for October 22 DSG seminar on Free Software (2m)   Uploaded by Steve Brier on 10/6/2010

We're looking forward to the first DSG seminar of the year, which will be held on Friday, October 22, at 5PM in rm. 9205. Brooklyn College faculty members Scott Dexter and Samir Chopra will be talking about their book, Free Software, published by Routledge in 2007. Scott & Samir thought that everyone should read Chapter 3 ("Free Software and the Aesthetics of Code") in advance of the seminar. Those DSGers who have been in the ITP program may also be interested in reading Chapter 1 ("Free Software and Political Economy"), Chapter 2 ("The Ethics of Free Software"), and/or Chapter 5 ("Free Software and the Political Philosophy of the Cyborg World"). Scott has graciously provided a .pdf version of the book, which I've attached.

Selected Bibliography (13.3k)   Uploaded by Steve Brier on 5/28/2010

see details below

CfH proposal cover letter (16.3k)   Uploaded by Steve Brier on 5/28/2010

See details below

Center for Humanities Seminar Proposal Form (26.2k)   Uploaded by Steve Brier on 5/28/2010

I am posting this proposal and two other documents related to our application to the CfH for funding (the two page cover letter & a proposed selected bibliography). In addition to looking it over to catch egregious and/or minor errors and typos I'd appreciate it if I could get some feedback on whether this captures what we roughly proposed to do at our planning meeting. Note that the five seminars are merely placeholders, subject to actual availability and scheduling. I only had space to list ten faculty/staff and ten students. If you think there should be adjustments in who I include, let me know. This is due in CfH on Tuesday, June 1st, so I really need to hear from folks about this no later than 10 AM on June 1st. Thanks.

New RFP for Ctr for Humanities Seminars for 2010-11 (22.7k)   Uploaded by Steve Brier on 5/3/2010

Colleagues: CfH has issued an RFP for new or continuing seminars for the next academic year. I've attached it (due June 1). I'm inclined to propose that we continue the DMSG next year. It would be good to have some ideas that we can kick around about possible conference/seminar topics for next year. Any thoughts? Steve

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