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    Hello, again!

    My name is Lisa Rhody. I’m deputy director of GC Digital Initiatives, and I also direct the GC Digital Fellowship programs. My doctoral degree is in English, and I submitted a dissertation that included drawings, data visualizations, network diagrams, encoded text, data, and data models about ekphrasis, poetry to, for, and about the visual arts.

    I have faculty appointments in the MA in Liberal Studies, MA in Digital Humanities, MS in Data Analysis and Visualization, and Interactive Technology and Pedagogy programs, and I’ve supervised capstone / independent study projects in each, and I’m happy to share my experiences advising those projects.

    Looking forward to hearing from others who want to encourage / support / pursue / advise non-standard dissertation projects!

    Best, Lisa


    Hi all! I’m Elizabeth Dill, and I’m facilitating the Writing the Dissertation workshop at the GC’s Writing Center. I’m interested in sharing any resources or models for digital and/or nontraditional dissertation writing with the grad students in the workshop.

    In addition to working at the GCWC, I teach English at Kingsborough, where I’m co-chair of a committee working on digital literacy.


    Hi All,

    I’m excited to connect with anyone at the GC interested in completing a
    digital dissertation. My name is Matt Gold, and I am a faculty member in
    English and Digital Humanities at the GC, where I direct the MA in Digital
    Humanities program and the MS Program in Data Analysis and Visualization.
    I’m also faculty in Liberal Studies, ITP, and American Studies. I serve as
    Advisor to the Provost for Digital Initiatives and in that role work with
    Lisa, the GC Digital Fellows, and others to foster a culture of
    experimentation with digital methods at the GC.

    I’ve had the pleasure of directing Jesse Merandy’s dissertation. which was
    the first digital dissertation at the GC —
    . I continue to work with students in English and other programs on digital
    elements of their projects.

    I’m excited to see this group revived and very much looking forward to
    working with and hearing from others interested in exploring the
    possibilities around digital dissertations!




    With my colleagues Roxanne Shirazi (Dissertation Librarian) and Steve Zweibel (Digital Scholarship Librarian), I help support the sustainability and preservation of digital oriented theses and dissertations well beyond deposit time by helping to suggest best practices of creation and preservation.

    Steve Brier

    Although I am now an emeritus professor, as the co-founder of the New Media Lab and the Interactive Technology and Pedagogy certificate program and a faculty member who co-taught a number of DH courses at the GC and who sat on the doctoral committee of the first fully digital dissertation at GC, I am thrilled to see that this initiative is moving forward. The GC has a chance, given our early embrace of DH and the development of a variety of digital programs over the past decade to really define what digital dissertations can be moving forward. You all have my strong and ongoing support and best wishes as you undertake these efforts. Avanti!

    Param Ajmera

    Hello all!

    My name is Param Ajmera and I’m a Digital Fellow as well as a PhD Candidate in English. I’m very excited to further the conversation on digital / nontraditional dissertations as well as digital pedagogy more generally. As a Digital Fellow, I am updating this guide to digital dissertations and I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions that you could provide.


    Hi everyone,


    My name is Silvia Rivera Alfaro. I am a student at the PhD program in Latin American, Iberian and Latino Cultures. I am planning to do a digital dissertation and I am also very interested in digital pedagogy and learning. I am excited to be part of this conversation!


    Hi everyone!

    I’m super excited to see this group going again! I am Di and currently a Digital Fellow. I am also a PhD candidate in Critical Social, Personality and Environmental Psychology, and am working on my dissertation related to social media. As a result, really thinking about what a dissertation dealing with social media should/could look like, and also thinking about what it will look like in relation to public humanities, science, and knowledge.

    Really stoked to have these conversations and to think of alternative possibilities!


    Stephen Zweibel

    Hello! My name is Stephen Zweibel, and I’m the Digital Scholarship Librarian at the Graduate Center. If you are working on a digital dissertation I invite you to contact me to discuss technical choices, sustainability, our Digital Project Formatting Guidelines, data management, or whatever else!

    I wanted also to share this recent post from a digital dissertator:

    Best Practices for Dissertations in the 21st Century by Jonathan Reeve

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