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Survey Draft

SURVEY OF ONLINE LEARNING for __________________________



  • How many online courses are you offering this term? (#)
  • Do you believe course schedule listings accurately reflect the number of your online offerings? (Yes/No)
    • If not, why not?



  • Do you think your online offerings will grow significantly in the next two years? (Yes/No)
    • If so, in what areas?
    • If not, why not?



  • Are you planning to offer a fully online program(s) in the next year or so?
    • If so, in what area(s)?
    • If not, why not?



  • Are faculty required to go through some sort of preparation before offering online courses? (Yes/No)
    • If so, please briefly note extent and kind (brief workshop or sustained course-like prep, open course design or required course site approval, etc.)
    • Is there follow-up? (Advanced workshops, mentoring, etc.)


  • Are students required to participate in a workshop, tutorial, or other orientation to online learning before enrolling in an online course? (yes/no)
    If yes, please briefly note extent and kind (in person or online?  facilitated or self-paced? mandatory or optional?)

NEEDS [perhaps not a checklist but a prioritization: 1= most important, etc.]

For my campus to do more with online learning, we would need to have

☐        More faculty training

☐         Less faculty resistance

☐         Alternatives to Blackboard (such as _____________________)

☐         Additional functionality in Blackboard (such as _____________________)

☐         Instructional designers (

☐         Better/more IT support

☐         Policy clarification (please specify:_______________________)

☐         Help with ADA compliance

☐         Alternatives to current calendaring of courses

☐         Other: _______________________________________________________


Please let us know whatever else we should now about your school’s capacity to offer and grow online instruction.