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Job Opportunity at the NYPL: Digital Policy Analyst

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    Hi all,

    A friend sent this over – Digital Policy Analyst position at the NYPL and I thought I would pass along. The biggest downside is that it is a \”temporary\” scab (non-union) position.

    The Digital Policy Analyst position will support the Digital team’s strategy of digital transformation by helping the Library understand:

    • how technology is impacting the values, strategies and goals of the Library,
    • how new technology changes the needs of our patrons, and
    • how we can use technology to achieve the Library’s mission.

    The Analyst will work on projects related to the Library’s efforts to increase reading and the creation of new knowledge as well as efforts to understand how technology impacts NYPL’s values.  The Analyst must be conscious of the potential for digital change to exacerbate the inequities that the Library works to address.

    A successful candidate will have an appreciation for how digital technologies can extend the reach and improve the provision of library services, as well as shape, augment or diminish them.  The Analyst will conduct research and analysis that support our colleagues in product development, engineering, and across the Library to improve our work.



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