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`Mapping User Group Group Sessions – Spring 2023

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    Hi, everyone.

    As we prepare to begin our biweekly meetings for the Mapping User Group during the spring semester, I would like to get your feedback on what times would be best for us to meet, and what topics we should cover. I believe over the past semester and on DRI, we had attendance from a few people that have ongoing mapping projects, so I believe these working sessions could be very helpful if we focus on very concrete skills and goals in each. I am planning on bringing one tutorial/script per session, that we can go over to learn new GIS tools. I am also inclined to move more into using R for mapping, since it fits well with the need that most of us have in our project: merge our own data that we generate in our research with existing spatial data in order to create maps. My initial thoughts on possible tutorials in R for our next meetings are: 1) using ggplot and sf package for basic mapping (focusing on tools to customize our maps); 2) using the SF package functions to perform geoprocessing of vector data; 3) using the raster and rayshader package to visualize Raster data; 3) using tidyverse to manipulate both our data and vector files to create new spatial files for mapping; 4) combining packages to simultaneously analyze vector and raster data in R; 5) create interactive maps using the leaflet package in R. As usual, feel free to suggest other topics for us to cover.

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