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Article: \’Sounding Out the Personal Archive\”

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    Kelsey Chatlosh

    Hi all,

    Sharing this article in case it may be of interest–

    \”Sounding Out the Personal Archive\” by anthropologist Claudia Câmpeanu and sound artist Mara Mãrãcinescu

    From the abstract:
    \”This paper is about working with archives—finding, accessing, making them
    intelligible, producing and curating them—and what this process looks like
    when we privilege sound as material, process, instrument, and logic. In our
    audio project, we took personal archives as a starting point and through audio
    recording we produced two more related archives: a carefully edited and
    curated one, the podcast Americanii, and an unedited “rough” one, the totality
    of audio recordings (and some photographs) we produced in several weeks of

    (Also, very excited to see the interview I did with Prof. Roshanak Kheshti for SSRC\’s Parameters cited!)

    All best from Chile,

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