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WordPress expert?

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    Amy Ballmer

    Apologies if this isn’t the right forum for this question… I’m looking for a CUNY person with sophisticated knowledge of WordPress and web management in general to look over the site a colleague (Jennifer Poggiali, Lehman) and I made to let us know if there are any potential problems etc. We need someone to take a look and make sure all our ducks are in a row, so to speak. Jennifer did a fair deal of customization, with a comparatively limited skill set (her words), and is a tad apprehensive about the site in the long-term. What will happen with upgrades? Are all our plugins playing nicely (they seem to be, but…)? Have we made any big security mistakes? Basically, we don’t know what we don’t know–and I’d love to have another, more experienced set of eyes give the site a once-over. The site can be found here
    Please feel free to contact Jennifer directly at


    I may know someone who can help, Amy — I’ll be in touch if he is able to
    take this on.



    Alyson Vogel

    Just to get an opinion from a user perspective, the site is pretty great- I saw no obvious issues on first glance and then when trying out each of the features and pages the navigation was not just simple to figure out but really gave the essence of what you were trying to accomplish… great job on this 😉 Jennifer, your talents could go a long way towards helping our faculty to understand the benefits of using wordpress here at the Commons- look me up if you’re interested in collaborating on a summer workshop!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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