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Upcoming conference: Remediating the Avant-Garde: Magazines and Digital Archives (Princeton, Oct 25-

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    Remediating the Avant-Garde: Magazines and Digital Archives
    Princeton University
    October 25-26, 2013

    This interdisciplinary conference will explore the conceptual and practical ground where traditional area studies, art history, periodical studies, digital humanities, computer science, and library and information science converge. We are interested in how these fields inform each other and challenge us to think in new ways, both as builders of digital resources and as scholars and teachers of avant-garde periodicals.

    Details about the conference & registration can be found on the conference website:

    Conference speakers:
    Keynote: “Radical Remediation” Johanna Drucker (Breslauer Professor of Bibliographical Studies, Department of Information Studies, UCLA)

    Panel 1: Representing the Avant-Garde Magazine
    Chair: Milan Hughston (Chief of Library and Museum Archives, MoMA)
    Discussant: Nicholas Sawicki (Art History, Lehigh University)
    1. Kurt Beals (German, Washington University in St. Louis)
    “The Universal and the Particular in the Avant-Garde Archive”
    2. Jonathan Baillehache (French, University of Georgia)
    “What User Interface for the Digitization of the Avant-Garde? The Dematerialization of El Lissitzky”
    3. Sophie Seita (Comparative Literature, Univ. of London/Columbia University)
    “‘What is “291”?’ The Little Magazine as Fetish, and the Archival Pilgrimage of the Critic”
    4. Max Koss (Art History, University of Chicago)
    “Losing Touch: The Digital PAN”

    Panel 2: Navigating Avant-Garde Collections, Systems and Networks
    Chair: Sandra Ludig Brooke (Librarian, Marquand Library of Art and Archaeology)
    Discussant: Andrew Goldstone (English, Rutgers University)
    1. Hanno Biber (Institute for Corpus Linguistics and Text Technology, Austrian Academy of Sciences)
    “The AAC-FACKEL, a Digital Edition of the Satirical Journal ‘Die Fackel'”
    2. Gayle Rogers (English, University of Pittsburgh)
    “The Spanish Morgue and the Emergence of International Modernism”
    3. Thomas Crombez (Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp/University of Antwerp)
    “Digitizing Artist Periodicals: New Methodologies from the Digital Humanities for Analyzing Artist Networks”

    Panel 3: Analyzing and Teaching the Digital Archive
    Chair: Brad Evans (English, Rutgers University)
    Discussant: Adam McKible (English, John Jay College)
    1. Semyon Khokhlov (English, University of Notre Dame)
    “Modernism from a Distance: Data-Mining the Little Review”
    2. Jeffrey Drouin (English, University of Tulsa)
    “Digital Pedagogy: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches to Teaching Modernist Periodicals”
    3. Suzanne Churchill (English, Davidson College)
    “The Digital Database: A Sustainable Model of Student, Staff, and Faculty Collaboration”

    This conference is organized by the Blue Mountain Project at Princeton University, a freely available electronic repository of art, music, and literary periodicals that both chronicle and embody the emergence of cultural modernity in the West. We are currently digitizing 34 titles published in Europe and the United States between 1850-1923, in French, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Russian, Polish, Finnish, and Danish.

    This conference is made possible through a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.


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