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Reaching out to Spatial Humanists out there!!!

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    Monxo López

    Hi. My name is Monxo López, I am a GIS specialist (worked for over 9 years as a cartographer for the city of NY) and doctor in political science interested in meeting/linking/collaborating with anybody interested in spatial humanities research/academic work.

    Though my background is in the social sciences, I lean more towards a humanistic approach, and am currently working on a couple of map-centric ideas, both using GIS, and more generally, privileging a concretely-spatial reading and re-assessment of all kinds of materials (archival, works of fiction, chronicles, biographies, etc. etc.)

    I am currently teaching at Hunter College, and would like to meet people that like maps, have worked with them, or are interested in the spatial approach towards the humanities. Although I obviously see maps as visual tools, I am most interested in approaching/reading things spatially, and in thinking and theorizing from a very concrete spatial perspective; using maps not only as a visual/pedagogical tool, but as a methodology proper.

    I can be reached here or at my work email:


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