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[JOB] New Media adjunct course at LaGuardia CC

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    From Richard Dragan at LaGuardia:

    We are trying to staff a last-minute opening for course in Web Interactivity in New Media at LaGuardia.

    This course meets on Tuesdays / Thursdays at LaGuardia from 1:00 pm – 3:15 pm from Sept. 4th – Dec. 15th this Fall.

    HUW162 Web Animation and Interactivity
    3 credits; 4 hours (3 lecture, 1 lab)
    The student will learn to design effective web sites using multimedia elements such as audio, video and animation. Each student is required to develop and publish web content in order to prepare for a career in New Media. Students will further explore web animation and interactivity via database connectivity, graphics and scripting to develop rich media applications and sites. The lab portion will require the completion of a final project that demonstrates mastery of the material covered.

    We would greatly appreciate any leads / referrals here. We can provide sample syllabi and advice from our established faculty with this course to help out anyone who takes this on. (Usually the course is taught using some knowledge of After Effects, but using Flash would also be acceptable.) There would be an opportunity to keep teaching with us. (We are expanding into digital journalism and game / app development, as well as traditional New Media courses. We will have four separate tracks and nearly 200 students.) I hope to add an ‘Introduction to the Digital Humanities’ elective, as well.

    If you have anyone in mind, please have him/her contact me at

    Thank you for any help, and have a good start to the new semester.

    All best,


    Richard Dragan, PhD/MFA
    Director, New Media
    Assistant Professor, English
    LaGuardia Community College / CUNY

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