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Introducing… The CUNY Digital Humanities Resource Guide

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    If you go to the Commons wiki today you’ll see something new – The CUNY Digital Humanities Resource Guide.

    We put it together in the past weeks with the goal of providing helpful information for those in the group who are new to DH. But we soon realized that others beyond CUNY might find it useful, so we’re launching it to the wider DH community today too. Take a look and let us know what you think.

    In its current form, though, it’s just a starting point, and we really need your help to build it out! Right now, for instance, it focuses on general DH resources only – we did not attempt to provide coverage for the different disciplines or areas of specialization. But many hands make light work – if you’re working on Geographical Information Systems, for example, you could add the resources you find in the Tools & Methods section. Or you might have a list of Classicists to follow on Twitter. Every contribution will make the Guide stronger and more valuable both to CUNY DHers and the community at large.

    We’re hoping that this can be a fun first project for us to work on as a team – let’s put aside a few moments on Wednesday to talk about it more.

    And if you want to see how the launch to DH is going, check it out. Hopefully we’ll start getting suggestions and feedback from the wider community too.


    Charlie and Matt

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