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Internet Privacy Party?

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    Sara Vogel

    Hi DH community,

    Do we know if anyone at the GC is planning (or has planned) an event around helping people in the community protect the privacy of their digital communications? I was thinking about putting together an informal party / event that would bring together folks who are experts in things like encryption, TOR, and other tools, along with others who care about keeping their data private given the political climate. Anyone interested in ideating this with me? I know some folks at NYU Magnet were also interested, so we could do a co-produced event. There are all sorts of guides online about how to do this, but I feel like I’d be more motivated to dive in if I was around others!

    Sara V (GC Urban Ed)

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    Achim Koh

    Hi Sara,

    I was feeling the need for such an event for a while and I’m glad that you’ve brought it up! I can’t say I am too experienced with event organization but I am definitely interested. I also plan to visit the CryptoParty at Eyebeam ( this Saturday, so I might have more to talk about after that.


    Sara Vogel

    Hey Achim!

    I saw that and was planning to go get some ideas for some sort of future GC event. Hopefully I’ll see you there.



    Matthew K. Gold

    Hi Sara,

    GC Digital Initiatives has been discussing this along with some other CUNY colleagues, but planning efforts may wind up be subsumed by end-of-semester hecticness. We’d love to co-sponsor something. There is a new Data Privacy and Security group — — that is already sharing some resources.




    Sara Vogel

    Thanks, Matt — I’ll sign up for the group, and maybe we can pull something together for early next semester, given schedules!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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