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Happy New Year, and the MLA

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    Happy New Year to all, and a big welcome to those who are joining in for the second semester of CUNY DHI.

    Expect more soon about planning for upcoming events. But in the meantime… what about that MLA?

    Several people from this group were there for things digital:

    – Matt Gold moderated a panel: “The Open Professoriat: Public Intellectuals on the Social Web” (#openprof on Twitter, it’s archived at;
    – Sarah Jacobs spoke on the “Centering and Networking the MLA International Bibliography”
    – Lauren Klein was part of a panel on Web 2.0 & teaching, presenting “The Macaulay Eportfolio Collection: A Case Study in the Uses of Social Networking for Learning”
    – Who did I miss? (apologies!)

    For those of us following along asynchronously, Twitter could get a little crazy. Handily, there’s also this, the MLA Daily:
    And speakers have been posting their talks on their blogs, sure there’ll be plenty more to come.

    Anyway, just in case anyone’s looking to curl up on a cold winter’s night with some blog posts:

    There’s William Pannapacker’s latest in the Chronicle, of course

    Perian Sully’s “DH Silos and Outreach”

    From 309: History & Future of DH (#309 on Twitter):

    Bethany Nowviskie’s “Mambo Italiano” (she was ill, so Steve Ramsay stood in, apparently was hilarious)

    Steve Ramsay’s own remarks “Who’s In and Who’s Out”

    Alan Liu: “Where is cultural criticism in the digital humanities?”

    From 150: New Tools, Hard Times (#newtools):
    Marilee Lindemann on “Excellence without Money: Or, Blogging Truth to Power On and Off Campus”

    From 19: Digging into Data: Computational Methods of Literary Research
    Steve Ramsay again: “The Meandering Through Data Challenge”

    Any thoughts?

    Would be great to have comments from people who were there too, when they recover from the whole thing…


    Hey Charlie,
    Awesome post, and happy new year to you as well! Do you know whether Laura Klein’s panel is online?


    George Otte

    Hey Daniel – I’ve reached out to Lauren, just in case she didn’t see your note. Hopefully she’ll point us to it, sounded great.

    Lauren Klein

    Hi all,
    Thanks so much for your interest. I’m still in LA (heading to THATCamp SoCal tomorrow), but I’ll try to get a version online (and point you all to it) when I’m back in New York.


    Just in case you didn’t see it, Steve Ramsay wrote a post today in which he thoughtfully re-frames his main provocations in “Who’s In, Who’s Out” – resulting in something that, I guess, many (more) of us would be able to identify with.
    “On Building”

    Though a good provocation is always fun… 🙂

    Lauren Klein

    Okey doke. My talk from the Social Networking is now posted here:
    One of the other panel participants recorded the whole thing, so I’ll let you know if and when he gets that recording online.

    Sarah Ruth Jacobs

    thanks for the link, Lauren. I really like how you wrote from a student’s perspective, and I think it’s pretty amazing how Macaulay created a social networking site for incoming students. It makes so much sense and I think if other campuses followed it would ease some of the loneliness of being on a commuter campus.

    Leila Walker

    If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s an interesting article on the MLA from a non-academic’s perspective here:

    Relevant points: apparently the author overheard the phrase “digital humanities” as often as “close reading.” She also includes a brief interview with Kathleen Fitzpatrick.

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