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Fwd: [DHSI] May 27th 13:00 EST: Join us for Dr. Lauren F. Klein’s DHSITE keynote lecture “Data Feminism in Action”

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    From: Constance Crompton <>
    Date: Thu, May 26, 2022 at 9:55 AM
    Subject: [DHSI] May 27th 13:00 EST: Join us for Dr. Lauren F. Klein’s
    DHSITE keynote lecture “Data Feminism in Action”
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    Hi all,

    *Dr. Lauren F. Klein’s *DHSITE keynote lecture* “**Data Feminism in
    Action” *is free and open to the public

    What is data feminism? How is feminist thinking being incorporated
    into data-driven work? How are scholars in the humanities, in particular,
    bringing together data science, data visualization, and feminist theory in
    their research? Join us on zoom for a keynote lecture on these and other
    topics on Friday May 27 13:00EST.

    Register at

    See you there!

    *Data Feminism in Action*
    *Dr. Lauren F. Klein*

    Date: Friday, May 27

    Time: 13:00 to 14:30 EST

    Language of presentation: English

    This is a virtual presentation

    Drawing from her recent book, *Data Feminism* (MIT Press), coauthored with
    Catherine D’Ignazio, Klein will present a set of principles for doing data
    science that are informed by the past several decades of intersectional
    feminist activism and critical thought. In order to illustrate these
    principles, as well as some of the ways that scholars have begun to put
    them into action, she will discuss a range of recent research projects
    including several of her own: 1) a thematic analysis of a large corpus of
    nineteenth-century newspapers that reveals the invisible labor of women
    newspaper editors; 2) the development of a model of lexical semantic change
    that, when combined with network analysis, tells a new story about Black
    activism in the nineteenth-century United States; and 3) an interactive
    book on the history of data visualization that shows how questions of
    politics have been present in the field since its start. Taken together,
    these examples demonstrate how feminist thinking can be operationalized
    into more ethical, more intentional, and more capacious data practices,
    in the digital humanities and beyond.

    *Lauren Klein (* is Winship Distinguished Research
    Professor and Associate Professor in the departments of English and
    Quantitative Theory & Methods at Emory University, where she also directs
    the Digital Humanities Lab (
    She is the author of *An Archive of Taste: Race and Eating in the Early
    United States*
    of Minnesota Press, 2020) and, with Catherine D’Ignazio, *Data Feminism*
    ( (MIT Press, 2020). With Matthew K. Gold, she
    edits *Debates in the Digital Humanities* (
    *, *a hybrid print-digital publication stream that explores debates in the
    field as they emerge.


    *Questions? Contact the DH Coordinator at

    Constance Crompton (she/elle)
    Canada Research Chair, Digital Humanities
    Professeure adjointe | Assistant Professor
    VP-English CSDH/SCHN

    Département de communication | Department of Communication
    Université d’Ottawa | University of Ottawa
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    @humanitiesdata (
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