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Fwd: Call for Technical Editor, Scholarly Editing

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    Matthew K. Gold

    ———- Forwarded message ———
    From: Kathryn Tomasek <>
    Date: Fri, Apr 24, 2020 at 4:38 PM
    Subject: [DHSI] Call for Technical Editor, Scholarly Editing
    To: <>

    Call for Technical Editor

    The Association for Documentary Editing is reviving the premier
    journal Scholarly
    Editing ( The following is its new mission

    Scholarly Editing is an open-access journal committed to the development
    and advancement of all aspects of textual editing, including documentary
    editing. The content published in the journal includes essays, micro
    editions, reviews of print and digital editions, and teaching materials.
    The journal’s eclectic, multidisciplinary approach makes it an invaluable
    resource for anyone interested in the theory, practice, and pedagogy of
    scholarly editing, including educators, researchers, scholars, historians,
    archivists, editors, information professionals, and digital humanists.

    We are carrying on the excellent work of Amanda Gailey and Andrew Jewell,
    who pioneered the online iteration of a print journal (Documentary Editing)
    that began as a newsletter in 1979. The most recent issue of the journal
    was published in 2017, and we will issue a new issue, Volume 39, in 2021.

    We are issuing an open call for the position of technical editor for the

    We will use server space from Reclaim Hosting, and Open Journal Systems
    (OJS) will be our main tool for submissions, workflow management, and
    publication of essays, pedagogical materials, and reviews of print and
    digital editions.

    We will also continue to publish microeditions, which may be in XML/TEI,
    Scalar, or other formats. We expect the primary work of the technical
    editor to involve writing XSLT for these microeditions as well as managing
    microeditions that have been prepared in Scalar or other platforms.

    Skills and competencies: Familiarity with php based systems like OJS, as
    well as XPath, XML/TEI, and XSLT. Ability to work in additional platforms,
    including Scalar and others as the need arises. Ability to collaborate with
    a wide variety of people, including microedition editors, the journal’s
    editorial team, and the support personnel at Reclaim.

    Please send inquiries, nominations, applications to Co-Editors-in-Chief and by May 29, 2020.

    Kathryn Tomasek
    Chair, TEI-C Board of Directors
    Professor of History
    Wheaton College
    Norton, Massachusetts

    Always learning–Toujours entrain d’apprendre–Immer lernen–いつも学ぶ–Vždy se

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