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FW: [HTRC-Announcement] HathiTrust 2022 Virtual Workshops

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    Please see below for free programs introducing computational access to the HathiTrust corpus, widely acknowledged as the largest set of digitized books managed by academic and research libraries.

    Roxanne Shirazi
    Dissertation Research Librarian
    Assistant Professor | Mina Rees Library

    The Graduate Center, CUNY
    365 Fifth Avenue Room 2304
    New York, NY 10016-4309
    P 212.817.7069 |

    On 10/24/22, 5:44 PM, “<> on behalf of Janet Swatscheno” <<> on behalf of<>> wrote:


    Registration is now open for fall 2022 virtual HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC) workshops(;!!GekbXoL5ynDpFgM!WQWrH79ojTahAk0OrplSrQ_yBcJrjzo7aUct0xE_pkXa3Wd_xsHgBBwG3DDB_Rc_xuBlSVM-Wt-VJm8WGsjS9-4$). This term we are offering two sessions of our popular introductory workshops and an introductory level workshop on the HTRC Extracted Features dataset. The workshops will be held via Zoom and will include a mix of hands-on, discussion, and presentation. We will utilize breakout rooms to support hands-on activities. You will not be required to install any software to participate in the workshops.

    If you know others who may be interested in this series, feel free to share this email/info broadly! You do not need to be affiliated with a HathiTrust member institution to attend.

    Workshop 1: Introduction to HathiTrust and HTRC

    Date: Thursday, November 3, 2022
    Time: 12:00 pm Central / 1:00 pm Eastern
    Duration: 2 hours

    Register Here(;!!GekbXoL5ynDpFgM!WQWrH79ojTahAk0OrplSrQ_yBcJrjzo7aUct0xE_pkXa3Wd_xsHgBBwG3DDB_Rc_xuBlSVM-Wt-VJm8WQUiYb6M$)

    Workshop 2: HTRC Extracted Features

    Date: Thursday, November 10
    Time: 1:00 pm Central / 2:00 pm Eastern
    Duration: 2 hours

    Register Here(;!!GekbXoL5ynDpFgM!WQWrH79ojTahAk0OrplSrQ_yBcJrjzo7aUct0xE_pkXa3Wd_xsHgBBwG3DDB_Rc_xuBlSVM-Wt-VJm8WP7g0DKw$)

    Workshop 3: Introduction to HathiTrust and HTRC

    Date: Thursday, December 1, 2022
    Time: 12:00 pm Central / 1:00 pm Eastern
    Duration: 2 hours

    Register Here (;!!GekbXoL5ynDpFgM!WQWrH79ojTahAk0OrplSrQ_yBcJrjzo7aUct0xE_pkXa3Wd_xsHgBBwG3DDB_Rc_xuBlSVM-Wt-VJm8WwigtnaU$)

    We look forward to seeing you in workshops, and let us know if you have any questions at<mailto:;!!GekbXoL5ynDpFgM!WGoxJIc40NGRnm4N6uAU5HbQqzSVH1YevVoqIk3qKqXg5iAX_egGKZsAdPVvb2dxtB2HeuesEfppLtYRARBhrzkipijqMeAjAA$ >.

    Janet Swatscheno
    Associate Director for Outreach and Education, HTRC
    Digital Scholarship Librarian, HathiTrust
    HathiTrust |;!!GekbXoL5ynDpFgM!WGoxJIc40NGRnm4N6uAU5HbQqzSVH1YevVoqIk3qKqXg5iAX_egGKZsAdPVvb2dxtB2HeuesEfppLtYRARBhrzkipiiuw0ys_w$ (;!!GekbXoL5ynDpFgM!WQWrH79ojTahAk0OrplSrQ_yBcJrjzo7aUct0xE_pkXa3Wd_xsHgBBwG3DDB_Rc_xuBlSVM-Wt-VJm8WANjdxkI$)<>
    Pronouns: she/her/hers

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