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Digital Poster presentations?

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    Hi Megan,

    The Journal of Digital Humanities has featured posters from recent DH conferences. You can see some samples here – – and here –

    Here is some very general design advice:

    * Regularize/be consistent with alignment, fonts, and text size

    * Use modern fonts — not Times New Roman

    * Use icons where appropriate; some can be found here – – or google around for free icons to find others. Make icons all the same color and roughly the same size, and position them in roughly the same place in relation to all of the other elements

    * consider the CRAP design principles –

    * Use photoshop or the free GIMP alternative; ensure that the canvas size is set for print and that you are using 300 DPI instead of 72 DPI (which is for web)

    * search creative commons repositories for images.

    * find a designer to help if you can!

    Anyone else have other suggestions?

    Hello, Faculty have been asking me about digital poster presentations and I don’t have any experience with them myself–does anyone have any good models for me to share?


    Megan Elias

    Director, CETLS, BMCC


    Matt has offered some excellent advice re: graphic design basics.

    I would also recommend this YouTube video ( which is more about infographics and data visualization more generally, but covers a lot of these principles through visual examples.

    Megan Elias

    Thanks! Very helpful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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