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    Over the past few years, a group of comp/rhet teachers and scholars led by Sondra Perl, Tim McCormack, Nichole Stanford, and others has been meeting a few times a semester to discuss research and pedagogy. Until now, we have used a google group for our online organizational space. Now that the Academic Commons is available, we hope to transition to this space in the Summer and/or Fall of 2009.


    One of the things that those of us already on this space should think about is how the mechanics of this transition will go. We’ll need to create a bunch of wiki pages to house the bilbiographies that have been posted on the Google group, and we might also want to create a group blog. We’ll make use of this discussion forum, too, especially once we have full functionality (ability to email posts and add attachments, for instance — coming soon). Other thoughts and suggestions?

    Benjamin Miller

    One thing we’d talked about re: a group blog is having separate feeds available for the different working groups. I’d initially thought of this as implying a separate page / tab for each, but it occurs to me this morning that all we’d really need are different categories. That way all the posts would by default end up in the same place, but people could still subscribe to only one or two as need be, and we could filter via a very basic widget (as per Zoe Sheehan-Soldana’s class, presented at CUNY WordCamp Ed). This would also make it easy to house posts in multiple working groups (e.g. research on basic writing).

    Benjamin Miller

    While we’re transitioning, we presumably don’t want to shut down the GoogleGroup – at least a few people do use it, and might continue following their bookmarks there.

    But we can pull in posts/updates made there to the new site, via rss. Yes?


    Hi Ben,

    I like the category idea. If people feel the need to create separate blogs, they can do so pretty easily.

    We’d only be able to pull in the RSS feed if it’s not password-protected. I imagine that in this case, it would be difficult since the feed is presumably behind a subscriber wall. . . .

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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