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Seeking Readings on Teaching with Social Media

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    Reposting Mikhail Gershovich’s post from the group wire:

    I’m looking for a handful of readings suitable for faculty development projects on teaching with social media including blogs, wikis, twitter and other web 2.0 tools — preferably journal articles, books and chapters.

    If you could give me one or two favorites that you’ve found most useful, I’d be most grateful. I’ll be sure to share the results and will post the list.

    Many thanks.



    Reposting Ben Miller’s replies from the group wire:


    Mikhail, you probably know this already, but Gardner Campbell’s “The Reverend Asked Me a Question” is a great account of why and how to use blogs in teaching… or to blog at all, really. And it contains a number of other good leads, too.


    Also (apologies for cross-twitter posting), if you haven’t seen Rebecca Moore Howard’s impressive compilation of comp/rhet bibliographies, it’s worth checking out. There is one specifically for technology, including about 48 page-downs’-worth of sources (on my screen, anyway).

    Karen Greenberg

    This is very late–and may not be what you want–but I subscribe to a blog called “Social Media Explorer” (, and I’ve found many of the author’s articles provocative and useful.  For example, although his essay entitled, “What is [Social] Engagement and How do we Measure It?” ( is aimed at businesspeople who do online sales, his points about online engagement–as well as the points in the linked articles—also make sense for student engagement with faculty web pages.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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