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Jessica Yood at the GC, Fri 11/12

  • Full information on next week’s Jessica Yood events is below. Hope to see many of you there!

    Forwarded message

    From: Silverman, Nancy
    Date: Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 3:21 PM
    Subject: Jessica Yood Comp/Rhet Faculty Membership Talk & Seminar

    __This e-mail is being sent to all English Program Students and Faculty__

    Dear English Program Faculty and Students,

    I’m writing to inform you of our second Faculty Membership events for a scholar in Composition and Rhetoric to take place Friday, November 12 (rescheduled from October 22). On that day there will be at 2:30 p.m. a more informal seminar (in the Thesis Room, 4406.11) to discuss Prof. Jessica Yood’s published work. To facilitate that discussion, attendees are asked to read recent articles of Professor Yood. Please find the reading on our website: . Prof. Yood will briefly introduce her work in the meeting and then people will be encouraged to ask questions and engage in discussion.

    Professor Yood will give a Faculty Membership Talk later that day, Friday, November 12 at 4:00PM in our lounge, room 4406. Everyone is welcome to attend both events. We particularly urge students and faculty whose own interests are in Composition and Rhetoric to attend the informal seminar.


    Friday, November 12
    2:30 p.m. Thesis Room, Jessica Yood, Lehman College: discussion,

    Friday, November 12
    4:00 p.m. Lounge, Jessica Yood, Lehman College (Faculty Membership Talk): “From Crisis to Poesis: Rhetoric, Writing, and a Reunited English Studies”

    Thank you!


    Nancy Silverman
    Assistant Program Officer
    Ph.D. Program in English

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