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Comp & Lit Requirements at CUNY Colleges?

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    Michael J. Cripps

    At York College we’re actively discussing our composition/writing sequence as part of a general education reform effort. I’m hoping this group can help me put this work in a CUNY context.

    Please share your current composition requirements, including credits/contact hours. Please indicate if one of your comp courses is comp+lit, and if you also have an introduction to literature requirement in the core. If you also have WAC/WID requirements you know about, please share. Lastly, please indicate the administrative location/structure for your writing curriculum – if you know it.

    York College

    -Introduction to College Writing (4 credits/hours) – FYC (not comp+lit)

    -Research and Writing courses (3 credits/4 hours) – Junior-level Comp

    -Understanding Literature (3 credits/3 hours) – Intro to Lit (not comp)

    -2 Writing Intensive Courses in lower-level in any discipline

    -1 Writing Intensive Course in upper-level in major

    -FYC and Understanding Lit – administered through English

    -Research and Writing – admin through College-Wide WP, reporting to Academic Affairs

    -Writing Intensive courses – admin through WAC, reporting to AA

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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