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If you don’t see your presentation/panel here (or that of a CUNY friend/colleague), please add it! Everything is listed according to the date and time of the sessions. (Please add entries in the appropriate date/time slot.)




W.01, Multimodal, Embodied Pedagogy for the 21st Century

  • CUNY presenters: David Hyman, Lehman College


W.03, Council on Basic Writing Preconvention Workshop: Risky Relationships in Placement, Teaching and the Professional Organization (Sponsored by the Council of Basic Writing)

  • CUNY presenters: Ann Del Principe, Kingsborough CC; Marisa Klages, LaGuardia CC


W.08, The Risks and Rewards of Assessment: A Workshop for WPA’s and Writing Instructors

  • CUNY presenters: Marisa Klages, LaGuardia CC


AW.11, The Job, not Just the Job Market: Preparing for Professional Life in Composition & Rhetoric

  • CUNY presenters: Amber Buck, CSI; Amy Wan, Queens College


CWS, A New Work Showcase hosted by the Coalition of Women Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition

  • CUNY presenters: Erin Andersen, Graduate Center (Twitter: @emandersen87)




A.23, Inventing the Field: Researcher Identity, Dissertations, and Metaphors for Invention

  • CUNY presenters: Benjamin Miller, Graduate Center; Jason Wirtz, Hunter College


A.28, Felt Sense 2.0: Writing with the Body in a Digital World

  • CUNY presenters: Sondra Perl, Lehman College; Erin Andersen, Graduate Center (@emandersen87); Hilarie Ashton, Graduate Center; Nolan Chessman, Graduate Center; Robert Greco, Graduate Center; Anna-Alexis Larsson, Graduate Center; Sean Molloy, Hunter College


B.14, Middling Management vs Agentive Administrators: How Feminist Administration can be a Site of Innovation and Activism

  • CUNY presenters: Tara Pauliny, John Jay


B.38, Centering Language Diversity: Innovations in Literacy Research

  • CUNY presenters: Amy Wan, Queens College


D.44, Digitizing WAC through Informatics, Games, and Engaging ‘Digital Humanities’

  • CUNY presenters: Dominique Zino, LaGuardia Community College


E.05, Risking Empathy: Ida B. Wells Barnett’s and Jane Addams’ Affectionate Interpretation as Pragmatic Promise

  • CUNY presenters: Lisa Blankenship, Baruch College


E.16, The Risks and Rhetorics of Universal Design

  • CUNY presenters: Dale Katherine Ireland, Graduate Center (Twitter: @dalekatherine)


E.26, New Directions for Disability-Studies Research: Using Mixed Methods to Appeal to Wider Audiences in Higher Education

  • CUNY presenters: Andrew Lucchesi, Graduate Center




F.05, Rhetorics of Advocacy and Risk

  • CUNY presenters: Debbie Rowe, York College


G.04, Where No Academic Has Gone Before: Exploring Risky Literacy Landscapes

  • CUNY presenters: Amber Buck, CSI


H.01, Disciplinary Writing Practices of Experienced Academics

  • CUNY presenters: Robin Ford, Queensborough CC


H.02, Comparing Basic Writing Students across Traditional and Accelerated Learning Program Models

  • CUNY presenters: Jennifer Maloy, Queensborough CC; Leah Anderst, Queensborough CC; Rebecca Mlynarczyk, Graduate Center; Jed Shahar, Queensborough; Barbara Gleason, City College


H.07, The Journal of Basic Writing at Forty: Risk, Affect, and Materiality in the Shaping of a Field (Sponsored by the Council on Basic Writing)

  • CUNY presenters: Hope Parisi, Kingsborough CC; Cheryl Smith, Baruch College


H.15, Religious Lifestyle and Queer Faith: Religious/Queer Discourses in Consensual Distrust (Sponsored by the Rhetoric and Religious Traditions)

  • CUNY presenters: Mark McBeth, John Jay College


I.05, Risks and Resources: Student Agency and Religious Rhetorics in the Academic Sphere

  • CUNY presenters: Andrea Rosso Efthymiou, Graduate Center


I.11, Innovations of Writing and Technologies: Examining Risks and Rewards among Writing, Pedagogy, and Practice

  • CUNY presenters: Todd Craig, Medgar Evers


I.26, Listening to Each Other: Muticultural Rhetorics and Translingual Orientation

  • CUNY presenters: Maria Jerskey, LaGuardia CC


J.18, Disciplinary Adventures: Data, Making, and Risk at the Intersections of Composing and the Digital Humanities

  • CUNY presenters: Amanda Licastro, Graduate Center


J.39, Peer Review(ing) Complexity: Emerging Innovations at Multiple Levels of Scale

  • CUNY presenters: Jessica Yood, Lehman College


J.42, Perspectives on Assessment: Reconsidering Students’ Roles and the Status of Assessment

  • CUNY presenters: Melissa Dennihy, Queensborough CC


K.17, Taking Risks with Transnational Pedagogies & Curricula

  • CUNY presenters: Shereen Inayatulla, York College


K.35, Writing Program Administration and the Cs Regime: Queering Leadership (Sponsored by the Queer Caucus)

  • CUNY presenters: Tara Pauliny, John Jay College




L.05, Mutha Werk: The Risk, The Struggle, The Tools of Saving and Honoring Black Women’s Lives

  • CUNY presenters: Carmen Kynard, John Jay College


M.09, Sound and Ambience: Investigating Thomas Rickert’s Ambient Rhetoric

  • CUNY presenters: Robert Leston, City Tech


M.11, Student Anxiety and the Role of Risk in Academic Writing

  • CUNY presenters: Amber Buck, CSI; Hildegard Hoeller, Graduate Center


M.17, New Direction in Transligualism: From Helping Students to Improving Composing Platforms

  • CUNY presenters: Jennifer Maloy, Queensborough CC


M.18, Oral and Non-Prestige Languages in a New Culture of Literacy: Excellence Updated

  • CUNY presenters: Jessica Yood, Lehman College; Niesha-Ann Green, Lehman College

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