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Dropbox Great Space Race

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    Tahir H. Butt


    Not sure where best to post about this but you might have seen that Dropbox has a gimmick to get more students to sign up.

    I have found Dropbox to be indispensable, though am constantly struggling with filling up my quota. The idea of this “space race” is to get as many students from the school (which I believe for us includes all of CUNY, not just GC) in order that all those students who have accounts get a lot more extra free space (though only for two years) than is normally allotted.

    I kind of wish that Dropbox had some program with institutions where we could get some discounted plan as students.

    Walter Dufresne

    My students have had much good luck with Dropbox. Among other things, when logged into a Guest Account on a classroom Mac, they can temporarily install DropBox in their “Guest Space” and use its file synchronization feature, uploading and downloading their work automatically during class. It’s been great for file management, and proven more reliable for backup than students’ thumb drives.


    I discovered to my delight that current faculty users of Dropbox can get the extra 3G of space as well even if their Dropbox account is tied into a account.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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