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“Thursday’s trip to Di Fara”, or “What’s with the lameness”

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    Matt alerted me to the sad fact that no one but he and I are confirmed for this Thursday’s trip to Di Fara. I would like to point out that this is totally lame.

    For those of you who don’t know, Di Fara is regarded by many as the finest pizza in the United States. Dom Demarco, the owner and sole pizzolo, is a living pizza legend. He is a workhorse, but he is also not going to be able to keep it up forever. In fact, in the last few years, Di Fara’s weekly schedule has been slashed several times.

    What I’m trying to say is this. Everyone should eat at Di Fara at least once, ideally many many times, and now is the perfect chance. I know you all have “lives” and “obligations” and whatnot, but honestly, let’s get our priorities straight here. Two hours to have Di Fara pizza is pretty much the best way possible to spend time.

    See you all on Thursday!



    OK, you’re on, assuming my head hasn’t exploded by then. Even though I’ll be coming all the way from Jersey… Maybe we can get some digital humanists to come too.


    Excellent, Charlie! So happy you’ll be able to join us. Let’s meet up at 5:15pm near the subway entrance at the southeast corner of 35th and 6th (we’ll take either the B or Q from there to DiFara’s, a 35 minute trip). It’s right near a pizza place, which seems like the only proper place for this group to meet up.

    Others: please join us and let us know that you’re coming!


    Charlie, you rule, and serve as an excellent example to the other Jersey-residing members of this group.

    Also, I think that the pizza place at the corner Matt mentions has been closed for some time, so don’t be alarmed if it’s not there.


    Selfish question from a parent who’s never been to Di Fara’s and worries about the wisdom of going on a school night: is the line really really long on weekdays, too?


    If only it were next Thursday instead! I’m so bummed I’ll miss this CUNYPie trip. Enjoy Di Fara’s–it is delicious and quite an experience if you’ve never been before. it’s some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. The last time I tried to go, it was closed down by DOH during that post-Wendy’s-rodent-video crackdown, and I have not had a chance to go since. It’s also quite interesting to see Di Fara’s in a neighborhood that’s otherwise entirely kosher now. Maybe we can have a follow-up trip another time.

    About Maura’s question, I’ve often wondered if it would make sense to call in an order even if you’re planning on getting it there–it might help you actually get someone’s attention long enough to order!


    Yes, the line is long on weekdays, but not as long. If we get there at around 6, I’m guessing we’ll have pizza in our hands by 7:30. (Just a guess.)


    Hmm, good to know — thanks for the info. We’ll try to make it, but may have to wait til next time.


    Sorry to go from rulingness to lameness in just a couple of days, but can I invoke the head-exploding clause in my previous post and take a raincheck on this one? Will definitely come another time.


    Since most members of this group appear to have chosen to forgo what may be CUNY Pie’s only trip to NYC’s most acclaimed and unique pizza parlor, we’ve scrapped the midtown rendezvous and will meet instead directly at Di Fara at 6pm. There is still time for you to join us; please meet us there!!

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