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Pizza after CUNY IT Conference

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    Hi everyone,

    The CUNY IT Conference is this Friday, and since many of us will be in the same place it might be nice to grab some pizza. The John Jay area is not well known for its pizza joints (as you know if you’ve been following Slice Harvester’s recent and hilarious coverage of the UWS) but I did find one place that might be worth trying: The Broadway location and the 57th St location are both a reasonable walk from JJ.

    Are others interested? Would it help if I told you that there would probably be beer involved?


    I’ll be there, though my attendance is contingent on my posting a recap of the *last* CUNY Pie outing . . .


    I’m in.


    Count me in as well.


    I’m a definite maybe. What time are we thinking — right after the conference?


    The conference is scheduled to end at 4pm, which seems a bit early for dinner. On the other hand, I understand if not everyone wants to make an entire night of it. What do others say to an early-ish dinner (6pm?), with drinks at a local establishment in the interim?


    Sounds like a plan. Let’s set a firm time for dinner, though, in case some people aren’t able to make it out for drinks in the interim.


    OK, let’s call it 6pm at Angelo’s, 117 West 57th Street. Spread the word as you see fit.

    Pre-6 beers will be coordinated via Twitter. Monitor #cunypie and #cunyit.


    I’ve been to the 57th Street location a few times. It’s a tasty pie–looking forward to it!


    I’ll come for beers, hopefully I can stick around for pizza.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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