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A group of CUNYites who love pizza. Pizza of the month excursions, with write-ups on the CUNY Pie blog . Please join us!



Next Outing

  • Hi Everyone,

    We need to set a date for our next pizza outing. Are we agreed on Grimaldi’s? It’s not where I’m dying to go, but it does seem like the next logical place if we’re going to be methodical about this.

    How does Thursday the 22nd sound?

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  • Thursday the 22nd sounds good to me, Matt. I’ll be out of town for various reasons between 10/27 and 11/8, so it would be nice to do CUNY Pie during the week of the 22nd, in any case.

    I’ve got no problem with Grimaldi’s.

    Hi everyone. Something has come up for me and I don’t think I’ll be able to do Thursday for CUNY Pie. My schedule is such that the only days I could swing in the next few weeks are tomorrow, Tuesday 10/20 (short notice, I know) or Monday 10/26. Of course, if Thursday is the only day that works for everyone else, then it shouldn’t be changed just for me (I *might* be able to rearrange my schedule).

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