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Jon Stewart on NY Pizza

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    Steve Brier

    Comrades: If you haven’t seen the recent Jon Stewart rant about Donald Trump and NY Pizza this is an absolute must and an absolute instant classic. You all will especially love his 5 borough tour of the best pizza in NY (many familiar names). If you are not in tears by the end of this, I’ll buy the next pie.


    My father told me about that Jon Stewart segment yesterday–thanks for posting it, Steve! It was great! Denino’s, anyone?

    PS–I’ll post this separately, but some of us from City Tech are planning on going to Totonno’s this afternoon at about 1:30 or so after Commencement, which is at MCU Ballpark and should end by 1:00. Anyone is welcome to join us!


    FINALLY had a chance to see this. Wow — amazing. A new #cunypie anthem!!

    Giulia Guarnieri

    Hi, I posted a short commentary on Stewart’s video, yesterday. I thought about the CUNY Pie’ group. I will try to come next Fall, it would be great to try out all places recommended by Jon (and ZAGAT). It is a great video, I love the fortchetta satanica….(the satanic fork!)


    Please do come out for pizza, Giulia! We’ve been to most of the places he mentioned, but it would be great to make some return trips!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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